We facilitate moving goods to and from any major port around the globe. During the process, our experienced associates guide you through the complexities of international shipping.

Through our network of IATA-approved agents, HTM-Logistics provides a comprehensive range of airfreight solutions. As time is of the core, our job is to expedite the movement of goods from any point of origin to any final destination, anywhere in the world. Our commitment is to complete our work quickly and affordably while maintaining direct communication with our clients about shipment and order status. Our “on time” philosophy and the development of computerized data exchanges ensure that shipments are handled properly by our experienced and dedicated staff.

HTM-Logistics ensures that your cargo is transported to wherever you want it to go.

HTM logisticsĀ  Plc. is a logistics company established and registered in Ethiopia in 2015

Our mission

Our Mission is to give a high quality services by deliver goods to our customer safely .

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